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Mova Globes

MOVA Globes 4.5" Constellations MG-45-STA Rotating Star Globe Slight Fault

MOVA Globes 4.5" Constellations MG-45-STA Rotating Star Globe Slight Fault

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  • The outer acrylic shell of this globe is slightly cloudy on one half, as this can be moved independently of the inner globe it can be placed to the back so is not seen. This can be seen in the photos on this listing
  • This does not affect the way the globe functions. We have checked this globe and it rotates perfectly.
  • Please send a message if you would like any more information about this globe

  • Rotates silently without the use of batteries when exposed to ambient light.
  • The globe plots all the star constellations along with their names.
  • The globe measures 4.5" across (11.5cm) and weighs around 1Kg.
  • Measures 18.5cm tall when on its stand.
  • Three pronged acrylic base is included with the globe.
  • A great focal point and talking point in any room or office.
These globes really are something special with almost hypnotic spinning; silent and marvellous.


MOVA globes use solar energy combined with the earths magnetic field to turn, each globe is made up of an outer shell that houses the globe inside, the inner globe contains the drive motor that powers the motion. Also, behind the graphics are the highly advanced solar cells that activate when light passes through. These cells create the energy to activate the magnetised element in the drive, that in turn reacts with the Earth’s magnetic field to set the globe in motion.

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