Collection: MOVA Globes

MOVA globes rotate silently without the use of any batteries or electricity. MOVA's advanced technology uses ambient lighting along with the earth's magnetic field to make the globes turn all on their own. Available in 3 sizes with numerous maps and planets, you will easily find one to suit your decor, whether that be with the largest 8.5 inch globe, the medium 6 inch globe, or the smallest and most popular 4.5 inch globe.If you have never seen one of our globes in the flesh before, then you will be amazed by the way the globe appears to float in the air as if there is no contact between the globe and it's base. This is made possible by a high quality acrylic outer shell which remains stationary, while the internal globe rotates without the need for any batteries or unsightly wires.MOVA were founded in 2003; based in Los Angeles, their globes are a rare sight here in the UK, which makes it even more special for you to own such an impressive piece of technology.As an official MOVA globe UK stockist all of our MOVA globes are sold with a one year manufacturer warranty.